How it works

Are you unable to choose an enterprise grade premium pure ssd kvm vps from our site ?
Here we provide you the steps on how you can order a Pure SSD KVM VPS of your choice.
1. Choose a VPS plan which suits you the best on the homepage. Choose a billing cycle for the chosen plan from the options under "Select billing cycle". Click on "Order Now" button to proceed to checkout page.
2. Provide details of the VPS alongwith your personal information in the checkout form. If you have placed an order earlier you can only enter your email and your personal details will get auto-completed. If you have a promo code, you can enter it in the "Promo code" field provided in the right form below the details of your current order. When you have completed, enter the captcha code as shown in the image and tick the checkbox labeled "Agree to terms and conditions". Click on "Submit & proceed to Paypal" button to proceed to payment through Paypal.If you have opted for a 7 day free trial click on "Submit" button to submit your order for processing (go to step 5).
3. If you have chosen to pay, you will be displayed a thank you page with your invoice number before redirecting you to Paypal. You will also receive an email with your unpaid invoice as pdf attachment.
4. On, you will login into your account to complete the payment.
5. After completing payment you will return to thank you page with details of your invoice. You will receive an email with your paid invoice as pdf attachment. We will process your order within 24 hours and send you an email with your login details.
6. If you have placed and order with 7 day free trial you will be displayed a thank you page with details of your invoice and a download link to download the invoice.